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About Beating Heart

We aim to produce a 5-minute charity single in order to raise awareness for mental health. The single will have collaborations from a variety of different artists contributing their unique talent to the project. Our goal is to release the single on a variety of music distribution services such as iTunes, Spotify. Etc. Allowing us to donate the profits to mental health charities and raise awareness for the subject in general.

We are in close contact with Basement Studios in Windborne and they offered their time to allow us to record our single in their professional studio with their top producer. (See artist page)

My name is Ryan Butterworth; I’m currently in my graduate year at Bournemouth University studying Media Production. I have always had a passion for music and film therefore I wanted to undertake a challenging project allowing me to learn and develop some new skills.

I chose to start this project, as Mental Health Awareness is something I feel very strongly about. I believe it can sometimes get under looked as an illness and think it deserves a lot more attention. Hopefully with this project artists and myself can make a change. The song is called “Beating Heart” written by myself. We hope to release the single in May 2016 with a music video allowing distribution of the track to fly through networks.

If you’re an artist, Charity or organization. Please feel free to get in touch and help work with us on this fantastic project. (Contact us Page Link)


Ryan Butterworth