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The Charity - Dorset Mind


Dorset Mind is a voluntary organization registered with the Charity Commission. Dorset Mind was founded as the Bournemouth Association for Mental Health in 1946 and has been serving people with mental health problems ever since. As a Local Mind Association (LMA) it is an affiliate of national Mind but it is independent and a registered charity in its own right.


Dorset Mind is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet regularly and who are responsible for controlling and administering the charity. They work together as a team to ensure that the charity is solvent, well run and is achieving its charitable aims. They are all volunteers. Dorset Mind employs appropriately qualified and experienced staff to facilitate the services it offers in the community and also encourages people to volunteer within the charity in a variety of roles.

About The Charity

Dorset Mind aims to help people to cope with their mental health problems and to rebuild their lives. Mental health problems can affect anyone: around one in four people will suffer from some form of mental health problem during their lifetime. The most common forms of mental health problems are anxiety and depression, but there are many others, including bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Suffering from a mental health problem - especially a severe problem - can have a devastating effect on the sufferer's life. They may lose their job, their family and their friends.

Dorset Mind is an independent mental health charity, part of the Mind family of charities. Dorset Mind believes that to improve our services we must ensure that we listen to those who use our services. A variety of channels for us to hear about how our services are experienced are in existence. Our staff and trustees are approachable and always ready to listen to feedback. More formal feedback is captured on our Comment forms and Dorset Mind also has a Trustee with special responsibility for Service User liaison. This Trustee regularly visits our groups to listen to service users and note their comments.

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